Shanzay Hayat – Miss Pakistan World 2013: Shanzay Hayat, Miss Pakistan World 2013 is the 11th Miss Pakistan World
Mariyam Zahid – Miss Pakistan Global 2012: Mariyam Zahid, hailing from Karachi, Pakistan was the first contestant to represent
Sanober Hussain – Miss Pakistan World 2011: Sanober Hussain crowned the 9th Miss Pakistan World represented Pakistan in the


Tahira Iqbal – Queen of the World – Pakistan 2008: My name is Tahira Iqbal, Miss Pakistan World Runner up 4 and
Karishma Khogiani: I had an interesting experience. I learned many new things and met
Shanzay Hayat Diaries – Miss Pakistan World 2013: August 31, 2013 – I have come back from Toronto with the

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Albana Sohial – Dubai, UAE I want to be Miss Pakistan because, it is my dream to achieve this and this is the passion
Nadia Tariq – Hicksville, USA Miss Pakistan World is a figure that women, all around the world, look towards for a sense of inspiration,
Aatka – Chicago, IL, USA I enjoy modeling, I would like to get more involved into this field and have more experience. I feel
Rida Shaharyar – Houston, USA I would love to become Miss Pakistan World because I know I can represent my country the best in
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Shanzay Hayat wins Miss Pakistan World 2013 and will compete in Miss Earth 2013 pageant The 23-year-old beauty from Seattle Shanzay Hayat was crowned Miss Pakistan World 2013 at the conclusion of the pageant held at the Red Rose Convention Centre in Mississauga on Friday night of August 30th,
SHANZAY HAYAT WINS MISS PAKISTAN WORLD 2013 24-year-old Shanzay Hayat was crowned Miss Pakistan World 2013 at the Red Rose Convention Centre in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga. Shanzay will be representing Pakistan in the upcoming Miss Earth 2013 pageant. Post
Naumaan Ijaz, Pakistani actor awarded at the Diamond Design’s Miss Pakistan World 2013 Pageant Naumaan Ijaz, a well-known actor from Pakistan was awarded by Sonia Ahmed as Guest of Honour at the 11th Annual Miss Pakistan World 2013 pageant and the 3rd Annual Mr. Pakistan World 2013 pageant.


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