Dr. Sadaf Khalid, Ms. Pakistan World 2022 is the new face of the working women who are over 30 years old, unmarried and are career driven. Dr. Sadaf is currently in Lahore focusing on her medical camps for the underprivileged people of Pakistan. She has recently got a school for the underprivileged children painted and fixed and had tons of amazing snacks to give to the children.

Sonia Ahmed , President Miss & Ms. Pakistan World, stated, “Part of being a beauty queen is not just about representing Pakistan internationally, it is also about giving back to Pakistan. We make it mandatory for all our winners to give back to the community in Pakistan by physically going and doing charity work. Dr. Sadaf Khalid is a prime example of how we give back to the underprivileged people. From medical camps to working with schools, we make sure that Pakistan comes first for us!”