Gule Sheikh and Azeem Pasha to host Miss & Mr. Pakistan World 2013

This year’s Master of Ceremonies for the 11th Annual Miss Pakistan World and 3rd Annual Mr. Pakistan World are Gule Sheikh and Azeem Pasha.

Gulé Sheikh is the first Pakistani Female Fitness competitor & winner of a fitness model category in bodybuilding. Winning with two organizations: International Drug Free Athletics (IDFA) World Championships & Ontario Physique Association (OPA). Gulé took the world by surprise when she decided her to compete in bodybuilding/fitness competitions. Born and raised in Canada, Gulé has always dared to do the extraordinary. Gulé’s mission to help women see their full potential by feeling empowered and in control of their body and health is already changing so many people’s lives already.

Dr. Azeem Pasha MD MPH FACEP is a Pakistani-American born in Chicago with family from Karachi, Pakistan. By profession Azeem is known as Dr. Pasha, a residency trained board certified Emergency Medicine in Chicago, IL. He has been working clinically in the field of Emergency Medicine for the past 15 years. In addition to his clinical practice he is heavily involved in Medical Education teaching Residents and medical students in the field of Emergency Medicine. Outside of the Emergency Room, Azeem is better known as DJ Pasha. He is a House Music DJ who plays festivals and clubs including several venues in Chicago and internationally including Lollapalooza 2009. He is known for his mash-up style mixes as well as Indie Rock Dance Mixes.

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