The website is one medium for all the major events that have taken place since 2003, however the daily/weekly/monthly activities of the pageant are recorded on various social media.

Miss Pakistan World (pageant) along with the other contests that are governed under Touchgate Global Inc. are very active on Facebook, Instagram and through the official websites.

Official Facebook Pages – Official Websites

Miss Pakistan World – Official Website of Miss Pakistan World

Miss Trans Pakistan – Official Website of Miss Trans Pakistan

Ms. Pakistan – Official Website of Ms. Pakistan

Mrs. Pakistan – Official Website of Mrs. Pakistan World

Mr. Pakistan World – Official Website of Mr. Pakistan World

Miss Azad Kashmir – Official Website of Miss Azad Kashmir (Coming Soon)

Sonia Ahmed President – Official Website of Sonia Ahmed President 

174480894_10159217552229886_5911513780211665990_nOfficial Facebook Group – Pakistan’s Pageant World is an official Facebook group of about 10,000 members. Daily actiivities are recorded there for all the members from all the pageants of Pakistan conducted by Touchgate Global Inc.


Official Instagram Accounts

Miss Pakistan World

Ms. Pakistan

Mrs. Pakistan World

Mr. Pakistan World 

Sonia Ahmed President 

News Update as of January 29, 2020

The Miss Pakistan World will be branching off as two titles: Miss Earth Pakistan (Coming Soon) and Miss Pakistan World. Miss Azad Kashmir will begin to get more active in the coming years. There will be an introduction of another brand new pageant (Miss Trans Pakistan)for Pakistan in the coming months. So stay tuned for future updates!