Shining Stars: The Top Miss Pakistan Titleholders

In the world of beauty pageants, the Miss Pakistan World competition stands as a beacon of talent, grace, and cultural pride. For years, it has provided a platform for young Pakistani women to showcase their intellect, talent, and beauty on an international stage. As we delve into the world of Miss Pakistan World, let’s take a closer look at some of the remarkable titleholders who have left an indelible mark on the pageant and beyond.

Shafina Shah – Ms. Pakistan World 2023

Shafina Shah’s crowning moment as Ms. Pakistan World 2023 was nothing short of surreal. Apart from securing the prestigious title, she is now preparing to represent Pakistan at two international pageants – Miss Global 2023 in Vietnam on January 2, 2024, and Miss Universal 2023 in Cambodia in March 2024. Before this global journey, Shafina added another accomplishment to her career, featuring in Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s film, ‘Animal. Shafina’s portrayal of Abrar’s second wife has garnered praise. Shafina has made her mark as an actress, model, and TV presenter, featuring in the Pakistani film ‘Lahore to London’ and sharing screen space with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan in an advertisement. Her recent role in ‘Animal’ and her title as Ms. Pakistan World further underscore her rising prominence in the industry. Shafina also embraces her role as an ambassador for the Pakistan Cleft Lip & Palette Association (PCLAPA), focusing on fundraising for the organization.

Anniqa Jamal Iqbal – 2022 

Anniqa Jamal Iqbal - Miss Pakistan World
Anniqa Jamal Iqbal – Miss Pakistan World

Anniqa’s journey in the world of pageantry commenced with her coronation as Miss Pakistan World 2022, a title symbolizing beauty, intelligence, and purpose. She made her international debut at Miss Earth 2022 in the Philippines, leaving a lasting impression. Continuing her global journey, Anniqa participated in Miss Eco International 2023 in Egypt. The pinnacle of her journey took a groundbreaking turn when she represented Pakistan in the Freedom of the World 2023 pageant in Kosovo, marking Pakistan’s inaugural participation. Anniqa’s presence showcased her remarkable courage and determination, resulting in her winning several titles, including Miss Photogenic, Miss Press, and Fourth Runner Up. After competing in 3 international pageants, she is scheduled for 2 more for the year 2023. In just one year, Anniqa Jamal Iqbal will be getting a total of 5 international titles and 3 winning titles. These accolades underscored her not only as a beauty but also as a poised, eloquent, and impactful ambassador transcending borders.

Dr. Shafaq Akhtar – 2022 

Dr. Shafaq Akhtar- Miss Pakistan Universal 2022
Dr. Shafaq Akhtar- Miss Pakistan Universal 2022

Akhtar, a trailblazing figure hailing from a Christian background, has forged a distinguished career as an orthopedic doctor, having graduated from the esteemed University of Lahore and dedicating herself to full-time practice in Lahore, Pakistan. Her extraordinary odyssey within the realm of beauty pageantry culminated in her securing the prestigious title of Miss Pakistan Universal 2022, subsequently representing Pakistan on the international stage, where she achieved notable distinctions such as Miss Rixos Sungate 2022 and Miss Humanity. In 2023, she embarked on an unceasing pursuit of excellence by participating in Miss Elite 2023, with two additional competitions poised on her horizon for the same year. Notably, Akhtar is also ardently committed to charitable endeavors in Pakistan, lending her support to a Christian school and a Madrassa, underscoring her profound belief in prioritizing education. Beyond her personal triumphs, Akhtar generously imparts her wisdom to mentor budding pageant contestants, thus solidifying her status as an illustrious ambassador, casting Pakistan’s radiance brightly on the global stage.

Areej Chaudhary - Miss Pakistan World 2020
Areej Chaudhary – Miss Pakistan World 2020

Areej Chaudhary – 2020 

Born on May 7, 1997, Areej Chaudhary is a talented Pakistani actress and beauty queen. She achieved the prestigious title of Miss Pakistan World in 2020, a remarkable accomplishment that opened doors to international beauty pageants. Areej represented Pakistan at Miss Earth 2020, Miss Eco International, and Miss Global International, showcasing her poise and elegance on the global stage. In addition to her achievements in the world of beauty pageants, she is also a qualified psychologist, highlighting her dedication to both beauty and the human psyche. Areej Chaudhary holds the distinction of being the first Pakistani woman selected directly from Pakistan to participate in such esteemed beauty competitions, marking a significant milestone in her career.

Anzhelika Tahir - Miss Pakistan World 2015
Anzhelika Tahir – Miss Pakistan World 2015

Anzhelika Tahir – 2015

Anzhelika Tahir etched her name in history as the pioneering Miss Pakistan World of mixed heritage, a feat that celebrated her unique lineage, being born to a Ukrainian mother and a Pakistani father, thus embodying a fusion of two culturally rich worlds. Her captivating beauty, coupled with unwavering dedication to the realm of Pakistani pageantry, renders her a genuine source of inspiration. Anzhelika demonstrated an unrelenting commitment to elevating Pakistan’s standing within the pageant sphere, distinguishing herself as the inaugural contestant to participate in an impressive total of eight international and national pageants, including World Miss University, Miss Earth, Miss Supertalent, World Super Model, Face of the Universe, Miss Supranational, Miss Eco International, and Miss Pakistan World. Her achievements shine as she clinched Runner-Up 2 positions in Miss Supertalent and World Miss University, and achieved the prestigious Runner-Up 1 title in Miss Eco International, along with a resounding victory in the talent round of Miss Earth.

Shanzay Hayat – 2013 

Shanzay Hayat - Miss Pakistan World 2013
Shanzay Hayat – Miss Pakistan World 2013

Shanzay Hayat, the illustrious Miss Pakistan World, stands as a remarkable exemplar of beauty with a purpose. Her foray into the world of pageantry commenced with her coronation as Miss Pakistan World 2013, where she achieved a triumphant trifecta by securing titles such as Miss Talent, Miss Perfect 10, and Miss Congeniality in the 11th Miss Pakistan World pageant, held in the illustrious backdrop of Toronto, Canada. Distinguished as the pioneer contestant to grace three international pageants—Miss Earth, Miss Grand International, and Miss Asia Pacific—Shanzay embodies the quintessence of a modern Pakistani woman utilizing her platform to catalyze positive societal transformation. Shanzay Hayat’s tenure as Miss Pakistan World serves as an indomitable testament to her poise, intellect, and unwavering dedication to effecting meaningful change on a global scale. Notably, she clinched the Talent round victory in the esteemed Miss Earth 2014 competition and achieved a commendable Top 15 placement in both Miss Grand International and the now-renamed Miss Supertalent (formerly known as Miss Asia Pacific).

Zehra Sheerazi - Miss Pakistan World 2003
Zehra Sheerazi – Miss Pakistan World 2003

Zehra Sheerazi – 2003 

Zehra Sherazi, a Pakistani-born Canadian resident residing in Toronto, Canada, made history as the first Pakistani woman to win the title of Miss Pakistan World. At the age of 19, she became the youngest contestant in the 2003 Miss Pakistan World pageant. Notably, Zehra Sheerazi was also the inaugural recipient of the Miss Canada Pakistan title on February 3rd, 2003, making her the first Pakistani girl ever to secure a beauty pageant victory. Her remarkable journey continued as she represented Pakistan in the 2005 Miss World University pageant in Korea, where she not only became the 6th runner-up but also earned the prestigious Peace Ambassador Award. This groundbreaking achievement marked the first instance of a Pakistani delegate participating in an international beauty pageant.