Celebrating beauty, grace, and diversity – Miss Pakistan World Beauty Pageant.

Miss Pakistan World is a beauty pageant that revolutionized the pageant industry in Pakistan. Prior to its establishment, there were no beauty pageants for Pakistan. Miss Pakistan World became the first pageant to send its winners to international competitions. Zehra Sheerazi made history by successfully completing an international pageant called World Miss University in Korea. This opened doors for Miss Pakistan World to participate in other prestigious international pageants such as Miss Earth, Miss Supranational, Miss Supertalent, Miss Tourism, Queen of the World, Miss Global, and many more.

One of Pakistan’s notable achievements came when Shanzay Hayat represented the country in Miss Grand International and secured a position in the top 15. This marked the first time Pakistan placed in the top 15 at an international pageant. Another significant milestone was reached in 2015 when Anzhelika Tahir, Miss Pakistan World 2015, competed in eight pageants, including Miss Earth, Miss Supranational, Miss Supertalent, Miss Eco International, Face of the Universe, World Super Model, World Miss University, and Miss Pakistan World 2015.

Since its inception in 2003, Miss Pakistan World has been running successfully. The pageant has expanded to include Mrs. Pakistan World and Mr. Pakistan World. It has been held in various locations, including Ottawa, Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto (Canada), and New Jersey (USA). Sonia Ahmed, the founder of the pageant, envisioned it as a platform to bring together Pakistani youth living abroad and in Pakistan, creating a parallel entertainment industry for Pakistanis. Following the success of Miss Pakistan World, Ahmed established Mrs. Pakistan World in 2007 and Mr. Pakistan World in 2011.

The motto of Miss Pakistan World Pageants is to ‘Empower and Elevate Elegance & Excellence’ in all of our winners. That is why we have remained consistent for the last 22 years, since 2002. A concept that started as a university project in Ottawa, Canada, is now based in Lahore, Pakistan.

In recent developments, Miss Pakistan World announced the launch of the first Miss Trans Pakistan. The crowning ceremony took place in Lahore, Pakistan, on May 25, 2021. The years 2022 and 2023 witnessed significant changes in the crowning ceremony of Miss Pakistan on Pakistani soil, resulting in successful events.