img02Japan has one of the most prestigious pageants in the world – Miss International. For the purpose of “friendship and good relations with all nations” through international exchanges, the Miss International pageant had established this association that was approved as a corporation under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Department of Cultural Exchange) in April 1969.
logo2023Since then, they developed a wide range of exchanges under the slogans “for world peace through mutual understanding” and “correct understanding of Japan in the international community” as an international business contribution. At the International Cultural Association, they promote business appropriate for the internationalized society of the 21st century, and continue to actively expand the scope of international exchange, so that from now on they can contribute to the PR of Japan even more and have an even bigger mutual understanding with the world.

Miss Pakistan World/Miss International Pakistan 2023 - Misbah Arshad
Miss Pakistan World/Miss International Pakistan 2023 – Misbah Arshad

Sonia Ahmed, President of Miss Pakistan, stated, “Why is Pakistan so crucial for Miss International? Pakistan has never before participated in Miss International, and for the first time, Misbah Arshad, the reigning Miss Pakistan World 2023, has been chosen to represent the nation. She holds the titles of both Miss Pakistan World 2023 and Miss International Pakistan 2023. This marks Pakistan’s inaugural presence in Japan, and it’s an immensely significant occasion for us. I am delighted to facilitate this milestone and take pride in the fact that Pakistan has finally become a part of the Miss International family. Our aim is to spread positivity about our splendid nation, Pakistan, and to unveil its authentic essence – that’s what we stand for. Miss International is a platform we endorse, and we are thrilled to witness Pakistan’s participation in Miss International 2023!”