Shanzay Hayat, Miss Pakistan World 2013 represented Pakistan in Miss Asia Pacific as well as Miss Grand International and won the title of Miss Grand Dance as well as came in the top 15 and top 20 in both the pageants. Hayat is the only beauty queen to take Pakistan’s name to such heights in international beauty pageants.

Tell us something about yourself?

I am very loyal, outgoing and love meeting new people. I am a very adventurous person and enjoy outdoor and extreme sports. I’ve loved fashion and it’s always been a part of my life so I am currently working on starting my own clothing line.

How did you think of participating in Miss Pakistan World pageant?

It was extremely random – I started searching on the internet why Pakistani girls are not competing in Miss World and Miss Universe, and came across Miss Pakistan World.

There is not any trend of curvy figure in Pakistan. Would you like to set this trend here?

Why not? With time, things will change in Pakistan. There was no trend of Pakistani’s competing in pageants either, now that is not the case.  For starters we need to empower women and educate them.

Did you ever think of coming in the top 20 at the Miss Grand International competition?

I hoped to come in the Top 20 at least. I knew that it would be tough since it had never been done before but I am a very goal oriented person. I always aim towards something and then work very hard to achieve it.

What is the criterion of choosing Miss Pakistan World? And how far is it different from International criterion?

The criteria for all pageants are very similar. You are judged on everything – your face, body, personality, your walk, your talk, your style, outfits, knowledge, friendliness, smile, confidence, manners to name a few things. The one difference I noted was the talent round where I was able to perform my belly dancing skills.

What kind of trend in terms of fitness you would like to set in Pakistan?

I never follow a strict fitness regime, but of course I eat well and exercise regularly, which I believe is extremely important for every human being.  Traditional Pakistani food has a lot of oil and bread, so having less of that and informing people about health issues such foods can cause, I think we can educate them about eating healthy.

Do you want to do movies in future?

I love trying new things, and pushing myself to the limits of what I can and cannot do, so if I got the opportunity, I would definitely go for it.

Does anyone need to compromise on her dignity in such competitions?

Speaking from what I know, I have never had any such problems. Pageants wouldn’t go on from year to year if that were the case.

Were your parents with you in this expedition?

I have always had 100% support from my family and they have always encouraged me to do what my heart desires, as long as I do it to the best of my abilities

Being Miss Pakistan World, how would you like to serve Pakistan?

I want to empower women, I want them to stand on their feet and I want to see the women of Pakistan educated.

Do you see any future in Pakistani showbiz industry?

Pakistani showbiz has taken off in recent years and it would be really nice to see it reach the peaks the way we have seen in the past.

What diet you have been taking to get this figure?

Fortunately I have never had to diet – genetics has a lot to do with my physique.  My mum is slim built and that’s where I get it from.  I have always eaten healthy and have always enjoyed exercising. I rock climb, box and at the gym I do free weights and circuits.

Being Miss Pakistan World, is the world around different than earlier?

What has changed is I have made new friends and seen more places and it has given me the ability to see that there’s more than what meets the eye.

Do you think this title would let you find some good match?

Finding a match is something that doesn’t happen because of what you do, or how much you make. It is determined by who you are and how you interact with the other person.

Wining a Miss Pakistan World title must make you feel so much beautiful. What do you feel when you see yourself in mirror?

I am proud to be Miss Pakistan and when I look in the mirror I see myself, just like before. The one change is that I feel more responsibility in making sure I do my best, whether it is in a pageant representing Pakistan or with friends.

Miss Pakistan World is all about being beautiful. Do you think so?

No it’s a lot more than a pretty face. Beauty is not just on the outside, it is also skin deep – your heart and your personality, your charm, your confidence are all important and that is what the Miss Pakistan pageant looks for in candidates.

In the list of beautiful people, where do you want to stand?

I want to stand amongst the ones who have made a difference.

Do you think makeup is necessary to look beautiful?

Makeup is a tool to make us look more beautiful and to accentuate our features.

After achieving this title, do you plan to participate in Miss World or Miss Universe Pageants?

Pakistan is not allowed to compete in Miss World and Miss Universe because the Miss Pakistan pageant is not held in Pakistan. But I recently competed in Miss Grand International in Thailand and Miss Asia Pacific in Korea. I came in the top 20 in Miss Grand International and Top 15 in Miss Asia Pacific. And moving forward I will be participating in Miss Earth, Miss Globe and a few other pageants.

Where do you feel yourself best: hair, skin tone, figure or your personality?

I would say my personality; just ask any one of my friends.

Who would you like to work with in the Pakistani showbiz industry?

I would like to work with the best so I can learn from the best.

Do you think Pakistani fashion industry is moving in the right direction?

I definitely think Pakistani fashion industry is moving forward; we have some amazing designers, our designers produce amazing outfits, intricate detailing, design, color and materials

Your message for Pakistani young models!

Hold your head up high stand tall take criticism with a grain of salt and keep working hard.